Abstract : West Sumatra Province area is about 4,239,730 hectares, 87% of the area comprise mountainous, there are 4 lakes, 606 rivers that flow on the west coast and the east coast of the Sumatra island. The province is flanked by two main epicenter Sumatra fault througout of the Bukit Barisan and 2 subduction zones both the IndoAustralian Plate and the Eurasian Plate around 250 km from the coastline to the west. There are 4 active volcanoes, coastline of more than 2,420 km. Geological and geographical condition in the West Sumatra lead into areas that have potential disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, flood / debris flow, landslide (galodo). Many studies revealed, there are 58 rivers very susceptible to debris flow hazards and erosion of the river mouth and coastline. One of the extraordinary flood time happened in Kambang river, south coast of West Sumatra. Upstream of Kambang river is southern part of Bukit Barisan in West Sumatra. Tributary upstream is steep slope and downstream part meandearing flow into the west coast of Sumatra (Indian Ocean). In November 2011, extraordinary flood disaster in Kambang river had destroyed around 67 hectares of agricultural field and damaged some areas around the river and coastline. Moreover, 348 units settelements and public facilities damaged by flooding, 4 people died, sediment deposition and coastline eroded more than 3 km. Dredging sediment depositon of the river and built temporary road are one of the emergency counter measure post disaster of flood. Re-construction public infrastructure were built to make a sense of security to the community. Structure counter measure implemented by completion of the normalization river, river bank protection and temporary road. To minimize the risk, dredging sediment in estuaries and structure coastline protection. Management process of debris flow and flood in Kambang river and coastline implemented base on the stages of disaster management, ie. emergency response, recovery (rehabilitation and reconstruction), preparedness, mitigation and response. (Link)