Analysis of the effect of soil-structure interaction due to earthquake loads on the failure of building structures in the city of Padang


Earthquake never kill human but unsafe building are the main cause of fatalities in the earthquake. The main problem of the earthquake events are: 1) potential to cause big losses, 2) is a natural event that can be not calculated and accurately estimated when and where is happened, and 3) earthquake can nor be prevented. Buildings are susceptible to SSI effect due to changes in the dynamic nature of the soil during the earthquake force : especially during building soft soil. Due to the damaging effects of the earthquake, further study of the soil interaction with structures on building due to ground motion caused by earthquake shocks. This research analysis the failure of building structures by modelling the building and surrounding soil. From the analysis of structure failure by considering soil structure interaction will be generated points on the structures that is like experience a critical condition during earthquake. Moreover, from the analysis it can be seen also that there are differences in frequency and period between structures that are modeled without consideration of the surrounding soil with a structure that considering surrounding soil.

Winda, Fitria (2018) Analisis pengaruh interaksi tanah dengan struktur akibat beban gempa terhadap kegagalan struktur bangunan di kota Padang. Masters thesis, Universitas Andalas.