Evaluation of the Performance of Tall Buildings Due to Earthquake and Tsunami Loads


An earthquake is a great shock that spreads to the surface of the earth which is caused by disturbances in the earth’s crust. Tsunamis are ocean waves that occur as a result of earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions at sea, both vertically and horizontally. The city of Padang is currently predicted to experience a very large earthquake, followed by a tsunami. This is because there are more than 200 kilometers of subduction zones that have not been broken down in the sub-sea surface area of ​​the Mentawai Islands which is right in front of Padang City. Therefore, the city of Padang is at significant risk from the impact of a major earthquake and tsunami in the future. If this happens, it is necessary to have a safe evacuation place. One of the buildings that can be used as a vertical evacuation site in Padang City and at the same time as the research object of this study is the Amaris Hotel. Hotel Amaris Padang is located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Padang within 1.2 kilometers from the coastline. To find out whether the building is safe or not to be used as a place for vertical evacuation, an evaluation of the structure performance of the Hotel Amaris Padang is conducted. This evaluation study was conducted using the Non-linear Earthquake Response Analysis method, with structural modeling created using Structural Earthquake Response Analysis 3D ver. 9.6. (STERA ver. 9.6.). The results of this study obtained the values ​​of the basic shear force, deviation between floors, lateral displacement and the percentage of damage to columns and beams in the building structure of the Amaris Hotel Padang by comparing the experiments due to earthquake loads with the experiments due to earthquake and tsunami loads. This is intended to determine whether the building structure is safe during an earthquake and tsunami. Based on these parameters, it was found that the tsunami did not have any impact on the structure because there was no additional damage to structural elements after the tsunami occurred. It can be concluded that the Amaris Padang Hotel building is strong in receiving the earthquake and tsunami loads. Keywords: earthquake, tsunami, tall building, vertical evacuation, structural performance

DEDE, AHSANI AULIA (2019) Evaluasi Kinerja Struktur Bangunan Tinggi Akibat Beban Gempa dan Tsunami. Diploma thesis, Universitas Andalas.