Unand Academics: Follow Health Protocols to Prevent Covid 19 Transmission

(Unand.ac.id) – Academic Faculty of Medicine, Andalas University, Dr. Rauza Sukma Rita, Ph. D stated that compliance with health protocols can prevent transmission of COVID-19.

“WHO has stated that education, isolation, prevention, control of transmission are important things in controlling COVID-19,” he said when delivering a scientific oration entitled Biochemical Aspects of COVID-19 and Prevention Efforts at the open session of the 64th Anniversary of Unand.

According to her, there are two levels in the prevention of COVID-19, namely at the individual and community levels.

Prevention at the individual level starts from personal and home hygiene including washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after leaving the house to washing your face and taking a shower if possible, then maintaining hand hygiene with an alcohol-based hand rub.

She explained that washing hands with an antiseptic is the most effective, simple and low cost way to fight cross-transmission of COVID-19.

“The mechanism by denaturing alcoholic protein deactivates the developing virus,” She said.

Furthermore, wearing a mask when going out of the house, avoiding handshaking and physical interaction with people who are symptomatic of illness.

Next, immediately change clothes after traveling and periodically clean with disinfecting objects that are often touched at home.

She said that based on research testing the viability of viruses in various media ranging from aerosols, stainless steel, copper and cardboard, it turns out that it is easy to disinfect and takes one minute to use chemicals.

Meanwhile, prevention at the community level is through physical and social restrictions.

These include avoiding physical interactions and maintaining a minimum distance of two meters, avoiding public transportation, working from home, to avoiding crowds.

Finally, if someone is coughing, apply ethics, namely using a tissue and throwing it away immediately or if there is no cover with the inner upper arm. (A)

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